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TK plays Stockholm 22nd of April

Tickets TK Stockholm 22nd of April

Follow TK on Instagram

Follow TK on Instagram

TK Soundcheck

A behind the scenes look with Trettioariga Kriget from various concerts last years. A short documentary made by Johan Gullberg.

Fredin Comp

The album “Tystlåtna äventyr” (Silent adventures) by Fredin Comp, Stefan Fredins soloproject in the 80s , is now available on Spotify, Itunes and other digital services. The album was originally released in 1983.

5th album “Kriget”

The 5th TK album “Kriget”, originally released in 1981, is now available with bonus tracks on Spotify, Itunes and other digital services.

Thank you!!

We wanna thank the audience and everyone at ProgRockFest in Legionowo, Warsaw, Poland for a such a welcoming and fantastic reception!!!

Photo from Oslo concert 11th of February 2017!!

TK Live in 1975!! Krigssång, the title track from 2nd album.

New video of “Seaside air”

A brand new video of the title track “Seaside air” from latest album. Video made by Johan Gullberg.

Brand new video of “Forgotten Garden”

A brand new video here of “Forgotten Garden” from the new album “Seaside Air”. Video made by Johan Gullberg.