New TK 1974 live album to be released

Between 174 and 1981 TK did 4 appearances at the National Swedish Radio live music show ”Tonkraft”.

In two weeks time the first show from 1974 will be released digitally on Spotify, Apple
Music, iTunes etc. There will also be some never before released bonus tracks included on the album.

The other 3 albums will follow later. Volume 2 recorded in 1976 is scheduled for release early next year 2019.
Work is also underway on a new studio album which will hopefully be released in spring next year 2019.

Tracklist- War diaries Vol. 1 1974.
1. Fjärilsattityder, Live Tonkraft, SR 1974
2. Ur djupen, Live Tonkraft, SR 1974
3. Persoektiv, Live Tonkraft, SR 1974
4.Handlingens skugga, Live Tonkraft; SR1974
5. Kaledoniska orogenesen, Live Kulturama 1974
6. Rehearsal demo unfinished song, early 1974
7 Mina löjen, Live February 1975
8. Röster från minus till plus, Live February 1975
9. Fjärilsattityder. Live February 1975


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