War Years

War Years (Live album)



Product Description

Double live album for the price of one. First cd containing live recordings from the 70s
and second cd mainly consisting of a live recording of TKs show at the Progday Festival
in NC, US in 2004. Housed in a nice digi pack with cover paintings as always by Johan Gullberg.
Cover also includes an extensive booklet with a long essay by the bands lyricist Olle Thörnvall in English
about the history of the band.
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Disc One (Past):

Introduction Tippen (0:55)
Confusions (1:28)
Perspektiv (11.11)
Handlingens Skugga (8:21)
Krigssång (4:37)
False Start (1:07)
Krigssång II (12:27)
En Kväll hos X (5:18)
Den Stora Kliniken (3:59)
Mot Alla Odds (3:48)
Dåliga Nerver (3:05)
Blues (3:18)
Som Förut (5:27)
Errolito (3:28)

Disc Two (Present):

Introduction (0:21)
Lång Historia (8:17)
Mina löjen ( 8:27)
Om Kriget Kommer (5:32)
Andra Sidan (6:11)
Jag Och Jag Och “Jag” (4:53)
Moln På Marken (3:41)
I Början Och Slutet (3:49)
Krigssång (4:58)
Gnistor ( 8:42)
Ur Djupen (6:40)
Dagspress (2:41)
Kaledoniska Orogenesen (6:07)

Stefan Fredin- bass guitar, vocals
Dag Lundquist- drums, backing vocals
Robert Zima- vocals, guitar
Christer Åkerberg- lead guitar
Mats Lindberg- keyboards, saxophone
Olle Thörnvall- lyrics, harmonica on track 2

CD I recorded live on various locations in Sweden during 1971-81, track 3 and 4 recorded by Björn Carlsson. CD II recorded live at the Progday Festival, NC, US on the 5th of September 2004 by Mike Potter, and on the 8th of December 2007 at the Dieselverkstan, Nacka, Sweden by Mats “Limpan” Lindfors.

All songs on CD I and CD II by Stefan Fredin and Olle Thörnavall except the following: On CD I: track 2 by Thörnvall, track 4 by Fredin- Åkerberg- Thörnvall and track 14 by Trettioåriga Kriget. On CD II: treck 2 by Fredin-Lundquist-Åkerberg-Thörnvall, track 5 by Fredin-Åkerberg, track 6 by Åkerberg-Thörnvall, track 7 by Fredin and track 13 by Fredin-Åkerberg-Thörnvall.

Artwork by Johan Gulberg. Layout by Ossie. Photos by Hasse Persson, Johan Gullberg, Stefan Fredin, Ossie and Patrick Pignon.
CD I track 8 mixed by Dag Lundquist, track 9 mixed by Hasse Persson. CD II mixed by Christer Åkerberg.
Mastered by Mats “Limpan” Lindfors at Cutting Room, Stockholm, Sweden September 2008.
Arranged and compiled by Trettioåriga Kriget.
Produced by Trettioåriga Kriget.

For invaluable help and support on the road and through the War Years we wish to thank Hasse Persson, Jåpe Persson, Per Ingels, Stefan Dimle, Juan Barrenechea and others not mentioned but still not forgotten.