I början och slutet (2007)

I början och slutet (In the beginning and the end)- TRETTIOÅRIGA KRIGET.
Released in August 2007.


  1. I Krigets tid I 4:36
  2. Barndom- Childhood 3:31
  3. Ungdom- Youth 4:54
  4. Ungdom II- Youth II 5:54
  5. Benke 5:40
  6. Lovsång- Song of praise 7:05
  7. Öknen- The desert 2:41
  8. S-bahn 3:14
  9. Floden- The river 3:40
  10. Ryttaren- The rider 4:20
  11. I början och slutet 3:45
  12. I Krigets tid II 4:05


Stefan Fredin- bass guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals
Dag Lundquist- drums, percussion, backing vocals
Robert Zima- vocals
Christer Åkerberg- electric & acoustic
Mats Lindberg- keyboards
Olle Thörnvall- lyrics, harmonica on track 4

Music by Stefan Fredin,
except “Ungdom II” and “I Krigets tid II”
music by Fredin-Lundquist-Åkerberg.
Lyrics by Olle Thörnvall.

Recorded and mixed at Decibel Studios, Stockholm, Sweden
between December 2006 and June 2007 by Dag Lundquist.
Cover artwork by Johan Gullberg.
Cover design by Ossie.
Mastered by Mats “Limpan” Lindfors at Cutting Room,
Stockholm, Sweden June 2007.
Arranged by Trettioåriga Kriget.
Produced by Dag Lundquist.