TK Update

Hello dear friends!
We are almost done with the pre-production rehearsals
for our new album. We hope to go into the studio and start
to record in a few months time. The album will be our first
with only English lyrics since our pre-debut album “Glorious war”!!
The album will probably consist of 7 tracks.
The much delayed re-release of our 5th album “Kriget” on CD is
also in the can. We hope to have it ready for release in April.
But please check back for more info later.

Article in Rock´n´Roll Magazine

There is a great article in the new issue of Swedish music paper
“Rock´n´Roll Magazine” featuring Stefan Fredin of TK and Steve
Hackett of Genesis fame. Together commenting on albums from the
history of rock. Article written by Anders Lundquist.

Article about Johan Gullberg

There is a great article (in Swedish) about TK artwork master
Johan Gullberg in latest issue of Swedish local paper
“Åkersbergkanalen”. Link below
Johan Gullberg

TK 40th anniversary concert in Stockholm last Saturday. Photos by Jan Reinerstam.

Gustavo Jobim

I am guesting on bass guitar on this just released track by Brazilian electronic composer/musician Gustavo Jobim from Rio de Janeiro.
Please check this track out and of course the whole album called Inverno. He is a hugely talented guy!!!. /Stefan

Videoclip of “Glorious War”.

Videoclip of the track “Glorious War” from the latest TK
album “Efter efter” released in 2011.