Vinylversion of the new album “Till horisonten”

The vinylversion of the new album “Till horisonten” is now
available in the shop here on the site.
Two verisons are available. One in black vinyl and one in white vinyl.
Till Horisonten@3x

Two nice reviews of the new album plus an interview with Stefan

Two new and very nice reviews of the new album “Till horisonten”.
Plus an interview with Stefan Fredin.
Just click on the link below.

Reviews and interview DPRP

Order the new TK album “Till horisonten” (To the Horizon)

Till Horisonten@3x

Order the new TK album “Till horisonten” (To the Horizon) here.
Releasedate is 26th of March.


1. Intro 00:49

2. In memoriam 07:39

3. Tidigt (Early) 04:35

4. Staden (The city) 06:39

5. Till en vän (For a friend) 03:52

6. En gång (Once) 01:30

7. Brevet (The letter) 02:45

8. Vägen till horisonten (The road to the Horizon) 13:55

9. Till horisonten (To the Horizon) 05:08

Order the new TK album “Till horisonten” here

War Diaries Vol. 2: 1976 now available

While waiting for the new TK studio album we are
now releasing the second live album of TKs radio
broadcasts from the 70 in National Swedish Radio.

This live album is the second show recorded on the 15th of November 1976. The band was just back home from from an extensive tour of England, and had just released their classic 2nd album “Krigssång”. This means that the main
part of the set here is from the “Krigssång” album.

This live recording is regarded by many people, including
the band themselves, as one of the absolute best existing live recordings of the band!! if not the best!

Presented here is the full show taken directly from the original tape remastered by drummer/producer Dag Lundquist in 2019.

At the moment this album is only available from the
bands Bandcamp page but will later also be available
from other digital platforms.

BlueWar2_76 (1)

TK Bandcamp War Diaries Vol 2: 1976

The Grunden Recordings 1980- George T Rolin Band

The Grunden Recordings 1980

In 1980 TK guitarist Christer Åkerberg formed a blues rock band with progressive rock influences together with
singer Georg Trolin, drummer Per Ingels and bassist Tomas Holmqvist.
Now their recordings from 1980 have finally been released on CD!!
Recorded in the legendary rehearsal room of Trettioåriga Kriget, Grunden in Saltsjöbaden Sweden in June 1980.
Almost 39 years later these recording are now released!!
The album is now available in our webshop here.

New American review of Seaside Air

Here is a nice new American review of the album “Seaside Air” released in 2016.
From Exposé.org.
Just click on the link belwow.

Review of Seaside Air in Exposé

Download new 1974 TK live album

Click on the link below to download hi-res files of the new 1974 TK live album,
War Diaries Vol. 1:1974, from Bandcamp.

TK Bandcamp, War Diaries Vol 1:1974


“War Diaries Vol. 1″ now released.

The new TK 1974 live album “War Diaries Vol. 1: 1974″
have now been released and is available on Spotify, Apple Music
and other digital services!!

5th album “Kriget”

The 5th TK album “Kriget”, originally released in 1981, is now available with bonus tracks
on Spotify, Itunes and other digital services.


Photo from Oslo concert 11th of February 2017!!